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Used 42x34x36 Heavy Duty 4 Wall Gaylord Box , Shipping Box, Pallet box

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This Used 42x34x36 Heavy Duty 6 Wall Gaylord Box also known as a Bulk bin, Skid box, Pallet box, Bin box is a pallet-size box made of corrugated fiberboard and used for storage and shipping of bulk materials.

Gaylord boxes are used for loose parts, mixed small containers, granular materials, powders, etc. Most of our customers are using gaylord boxes for shipping and storage of bulk intermediate materials prior to further processing or packaging, or to collect and ship materials for recycling and waste.

For some products, inner plastic liners or bin bags are needed to protect the contents. Check out our selection of Plastic Liners and Pallet Covers here …

Our Gaylord boxes protect irregular loads, are used to safely transfer bulk product from one site to another, easy to load/unload, are recyclable, returnable, reusable and all fold (knock down) for easier shipment.

For Used Gaylords 1-2 inches is permissible variations in specified dimensions

Lids sold separately.

Wood pallets sold separately.