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50 LB Bag Traction Melt CI®

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Traction Melt CI® is an advanced ice melt formula enhanced with corrosion inhibitor. Each Sodium Chloride granule is encapsulated by Liquid Magnesium Chloride for fast-acting, environmentally friendly ice control. This is a very popular product used by many state and city departments of transportation. Melts to: 0ºF
  • Enhanced with a corrosion inhibitor
  • Melting Point 0 degrees F
Best price for advanced ice melt formula in Chicago, Illinois. This ice melter is 2 to 5 times faster than rock salt and blended ice melters in Chicago area  . No need to look anywhere else if you live in Chicago and suburbs you came to the right place, the best and most efficient ice melter in the industry. 

We are located South side of Chicago by Midway airport.

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