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50 LB Bag IceAway Rock Salt Ice Melter - Halite

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Easy to use, store and apply.

May be mixed with performance enhancers like Oil Dri Absorbent

When the weather creates obstacles, choose natural rock salt, one of the most cost-effective products available for removing snow and ice. Highly effective natural salt is easy to use, store and apply. Under severe conditions, salt may be safely mixed with a variety of performance enhancers.

Also known as sodium chloride

Melts at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit

5 oz. per sq. yd. spread rate

For long term melting

Keep your Chicago parking lot, steps, porch, or storefront walkway safely clear of ice and snow with this IceAway 50 lb. bag of Halite rock salt! It improves safety by combining with snow and ice to form saline, which has a lower freezing point than water, and effectively melts at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time! Rock salt, the common name for the mineral form of sodium chloride called "halite," is one of the most affordable and widely used ice melting solutions today.


 Evenly sprinkle 1/2 to 1 cup of IceAway rock salt per square yard on driveways, steps, porches, and other walkways. Sufficient melting should occur within 30 minutes. Spread IceAway rock salt while snow is falling. This will prevent snow and ice from becoming hard packed and sticking to walkway surfaces. Use 1/2 cup per square yard. `

 Car use: When car is stuck on snow or on ice, spread IceAway rock salt generously under the wheels to provide traction.

Ice cream & Ices: Mix 1-part IceAway rock salt with 8 parts crushed ice. Fill freezer tub with thick mixture well above the line of the mix in the cream container. Turn crank slowly, increasing speed as the mixture begins to freeze. Ice cream will freeze in approximately 15 minutes. Ices and sherbets require somewhat longer.

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