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Water Softening Salt

Here When You Need Water Softener Pellets, Rock Salt, and More

You may have wondered why rock salt melts snow. The process involves the conversion of freshwater to saltwater. The freezing temperature of saltwater is 20°F. Therefore, if the temperature is between 20°F and 32°F, salt (sodium chloride) works perfectly well. On the other hand, calcium chloride melts to -15°F and generates its own heat, which means it will melt snow all the time.

AIRA Enterprises, Inc. proudly offers a range of products to meet your needs, including Ice Pro. This product is safe for shrubs, grass, and sidewalks, and it melts snow down to 7°F.

Sidewalk Cleared From Snow

Salts for Snow and Ice Melting

Rock Salt - 25 lb., 50 lb., and 80 lb.
Calcium Chloride 90-94% - 50 lb., 80 lb., and 100 lb.
Ice Pro Premium Ice Eater (75% Potassium Chloride) - 20 lb., 50 lb., and 100 lb.

Salts to Soften Your Water

Water Softener Pellets (50#) - 49 Bags/Pallet
Water Softener Pellets (80#) - 30 Bags/Pallet
Solar Course (50#) - 49 Bags/Pallet
Solar Course (80#) - 30 Bags/Pallet
Rust Buster (40#) - 63 Bags/Pallet
Rust Buster (80#) - 30 Bags/Pallet